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Ed Harrison 1921-2011

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Ed Harrison 1921-2011
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Eulogy by Chuck Hanson:     With his loving wife, Jane, by his side, Ed Harrison died peacefully on August 31, aged 90.  Ed and Jane and their Ultra Van #324 have been members of the Ultra Van Club since acquiring #324 in 1976, and have found countless friends along the way, including my wife, Cyndie, and myself.  We consider ourselves fortunate to have known Ed for even the short time that we did, and we will remember him and see him in the eyes of Jane, and their children and grandchildren, in the years to come.....Thanks, Ed! 

Eulogy by Betsy and Leo Senn:     I just telephoned Jane - we had a nice long talk - about what a special guy Ed was - what a great sense of humor he had, how fun he was to be around, about how many friends he had - and how wonderful that they had 65 long happy years together....and thankgoodness, Ed was pretty active and healthy almost right up to the very end.  90 years of a good life !!  We'll miss him for sure.  Bye Ed - til we meet again... 

Eulogy by Jim & Marlene Craig:     We first met the Harrison's many years ago at one of the first Ultra rallys that we attended.  Things we remember about Ed:  He was the first person out each morning to walk his dog.  Never had a serious problem with his Ultra.  Would always greet you with a big friendly smile.  Not much of a talker, but when he did, it was a positive statement.  Attended all of the tech sessions.  He loved his Ultra Van as much as he did Jane.  (I am not sure which was #1, but you can guess.:))  A dedicated worker on Ultra Van #101.  He was an Army Veteran who served his country.  Thank you Ed for your service.  He was a broken person after the accident with his beloved Ultra Van.   After the repairs were done on his Ultra by several Ultra Club members, he was more happy then you can imagine.  When he first saw the completion of the repairs, all he could say was,  "Oh MY", "Oh My".  He could not drive close to the end, but he would go out and just sat behind the wheel of the Ultra and let the memories roll of years gone past.  We send our condolences to the Harrison family. 

Eulogy by Walt Davison:   So another one of the "winners" is gone....while I'm not a believer in any form of after's sort of cool (IMO) to think of Ed getting back together with of the worlds great dogs!!!  Ed fine gentleman!!

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